Salvo Naccari Art&Design

Salvo Naccari Art&Design

Designer and creative, who has always been passionate about art and design, he realizes the dream of transforming his love for this world into a productive reality. The interest, the curiosity and the constant desire to deepen techniques and new expressive languages ​​of contemporaneity, pushed him to delve into the visionary world of the figurative arts, in which artists, beyond their personal visions, are able to go beyond the formal aspect of things. The works of Salvo Naccari surprise and amaze with their irony. An irony that fits into a context of great seriousness and rigor, because these works are made up of a quality design structure and quality materials. Therefore an elegant and respectful way of proceeding towards the functional needs of the object. The artefacts are the result of his cheerful and amused imagination, furniture, objects, paintings, all composed and articulated according to the logic of collage, a collage of materials, not paper clippings. These works of his combine precious materials with works of easy popular consumption. And it is precisely the mixture of these elements to create the identity of these works, which in their composition do not however renounce belonging to a luxury dimension. Surprising of these products, the intention to unite precisely, the logic of the "precious" with the logic of recycling or mixing with the popular object. This way of working communicates a form of aristocratic transgression, decidedly desired by Naccari, which ends up giving these works a singular empathic identity that snatches a sweet smile of fun and sympathy from the viewer.