Susan Maxwell Schmidt Visual Fine Art

Susan Maxwell Schmidt Visual Fine Art

My mind lives in a rather strange world of its own, in a state which I tend to refer to as "delightfully twisted." Through my art, which I am vehemently determined to continue to create with as little outside influence as possible (not the least of which includes whatever drives the art market at any given moment), I work to interpret the concepts my mind creates in a moment-by-moment barrage of ideas. Though my work manifests itself in many different ways, from the delicate transparency of digital watercolor and vibrancy of digital oils, to the no-holds-barred starkness of noir photography, to even the fanciful abstract-turned-conceptual properties of my fractal art, the undercurrent that binds them all is my love of surrealism. I prefer the worlds my mind creates to the one in which I live, and though I create all my art to please myself as a rule, nothing thrills me more than when it speaks to someone else as it does me.





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