Simon F. North - Art for sale

Simon F. North - Art for sale

Born and raised in the UK. Now living in Prague, Czech Republic.

I studied Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh (a combination of art history and studio art training). I then gained a post-graduate diploma in painting from Edinburgh College of Art.

Since my studies I’ve continued to draw and paint whenever I can, while working for many years (since living in Prague) as a lecturer in art history, architectural and urban history [at local universities, NYU Prague and other study-abroad programs].

During this time, my academic interests often drew me to themes from urban landscape and the built environment, while my teaching role and limited space meant that more experimental work was mostly put on hold.

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced me to adjust to losing my regular work with international students and gave me the opportunity to spend more time on my art.

Please also see my work on Instagram (simon.north.77) and Facebook (@SimonNorthSketchbook). I plan to develop my own website in due course, where I intend to present a broader view of the work I do.

If you have any questions, requests, comments or ideas for commissions, please send me an email or message via Instagram or Facebook.

Drawings and sketches