Who Is SMN?

SMN is an explorer, photographer & artist. Travelling the world documenting street art is the inspiration for his sprayed pieces.

But more than just street art, SMN has travelled the world photographing and documenting our species' interactions both interpersonally, spiritually and architecturally. These three distinct characteristics of human behaviour are the basis for the different collections.

Whether in Ukraine, Palestine, Israel or India, human interaction with each other and the environment are both captivating and intriguing. SMN's collection attempts to demonstrate how walls can be a uniting or dividing force. Within the collections, walls are a unifying theme. Walls can be an artists' palette, a sacred place, or embody the essence of a moment in time.

In his attempt to make the temporary nature of street art into a timeless collection, SMN captures both street art & culture like no other artist. SMN has been featured in the Independent Travel Magazine, BBC Radio & also
Nationality: gb United Kingdom
Date of birth : 1983