SLW Artiste Multidisciplinaire

SLW Artiste Multidisciplinaire

Born in Nigadoo, New Brunswick, Suzanne is a multi-disciplinary artist who settled in the Outaouais region in 1984. Suzanne studied Visual Arts at Moncton University and earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa. In 2010, she received a Certificate in Visual Arts from L’Université du Québec en Outaouais.

At a young age, she learned at her mother’s side, making glue from flour, making papier-mâché and sculpting. She is a self-taught and creative artist whose paintings come alive with each stroke of her paint brush, whose multi-dimensional works flow with expression and whose messages always convey emotion.

Suzanne believes in freedom of expression and translates her belief through her limitless and unique techniques. She always remains true to her soul. Each chef d’oeuvre is boundless, incredible and compelling. Her every canvas takes on a life and warmth of its own, vibrating and soaring with the rhythm of her brush strokes, exploding in colour. Suzanne uses multiple techniques and mediums for each of her heartfelt expressions, weaving many techniques and mediums within each creative art work. Whether she is sketching, etching, engraving, painting, drawing, sculpting or making puppets, you will be fascinated by the intricacies found within each master piece made of paper, fibre, wire, thread, wool, plaster, wood or copper wire.

She accumulates experience by living as one with nature, keeping an open mind to the expansive possibilities nature offers us and the multi-faceted beauty of our world. She extends her experience by experimenting with new techniques and mediums daily, each new work overflowing with delights for our senses. Suzanne participates in local and provincial festivals, Canada Day Celebrations and Arts and Crafts Workshops offered to families and the general public, keeping alive her burning desire to share her gift with people. Her energy intertwined with her love of the arts is second only to her soul’s desire to share her passion and guide people to creativity. Her zest for art and creativity is contagious, making her a passionate speaker and dynamic workshop leader.