S & V's

S & V's



I am Sophia and am 12 years old. I live in Australia, but I speak fluent Mandarin and am fascinated about Chinese culture and history. My parents and I share some common interests in arts, virtually anything that can convey positive and beautiful messages to us. Whilst I enjoy all kinds of painting and drawing, my dad loves photographing and my mum likes to identify or explore good art works created by ordinary people even farmers from traditional villages in China.

My art works often reflect my imaginations on what happened around us, my beloved cartoon characters, and themes in my dream and so on.

In contrast, my dad often uses his inexpensive camera to shoot shots where ever he goes on weekends, holidays or even on his way home from work. He always says that we are surrounded by many beautiful things, but we need to take time to find them and ‘translate’ what we see to a positive and beautiful message.

We will share our findings and creations with you. Hope you will enjoy them using your own imagination!