Sandra Lorant

Sandra Lorant

A new painting is like a new discovery - there are new colors that blend together to create a landscape that comes to life on the canvas. I have a special interest in creating Italian sceneries, due to the richness of the colors and the diversity of the "chiaroscuro" - the contrast between the light and shadow.

Oil is my favorite medium to utilize, as I can create luminous colors and a wide range of tonal transitions and shades. All of my pieces of artwork are unique, one-of-a-kind.

I started painting 25 years ago, when I developed a passion for the colors and sceneries of the Californian countryside. My work was displayed in three exhibitions, from San Francisco to Miami. Once I moved to Italy, I was immediately drawn to the colors and the richness of the architecture of the typical Italian villages. There is such diversity in the villages of different regions, but what I am most inspired by is the Tuscan village, with its stone houses and iconic town piazzas. I have painted landscapes of various Italian regions – Campania, Umbria, Sardinia and Tuscany to name a few.

Sandra Lorant


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