Hello! Information about me and my work is written here.
At the very bottom, there is delivery information.

I am a practicing artist. In many ways, my work is associated with reflections on the topic of time, space, and life. What happened 10 years ago in your life? Did you want to return to something? How long are these periods of time for humans and how small for the universe?I like abstraction, landscapes, still lifes. Abstraction takes quite a long time for me because it's like playing chess with myself. I like landscapes because they are memories. Soon I am planning to create a series of works with landscapes about the memories of places where I have not been. Sometimes I paint still lifes, I like to show the nature of simple things. Among the artists, I like Vincent van Gogh, Roerich, and many others. I enjoy watching contemporary artists. I also love to travel and listen to music. In 2021, I joined the Union of Artists of Russia. I am planning several exhibitions this year and, of course, work a lot.
Thank you for reading my presentation.

Important. TAXES. Dear customers. I do not pay your taxes when you buy products abroad. I ask you to take into account that you pay customs duties yourself.

DELIVERY. I send my paintings by Russian post. I use expedited shipping, but due to the global situation, it may take up to 1 month for delivery. I can send you the painting by DHL express delivery, which you need to pay separately. To do this, you will need to write to me about your desire to receive a DHL painting by delivery, I will find out the cost of sending and agree on the cost and method of payment for delivery with you.

Dear guests, I do not paint to order.

Have a nice day.