Slate Coyote Online Art Gallery

Slate Coyote Online Art Gallery

Welcome to Slate Coyote

Online gallery based in Switzerland with a careful selection of local artists from several European countries. All available art pieces are hand-made and from different styles (e.g. cubism, minimalism, futurism).
Some of the artists are represented as anonymous or using heteronyms, where all have the same objective to fund their future work and materials.

About our work:
High-quality Canson paper with silky surface or stretched white canvas.
Most of all art pieces have acrylics as a common point and a tremendous passion from our artists for their work and themes. All work has a clear purpose and intention, where most of the artists also write short poems to better explain their work.
We, as a group of artists (all amateurs), would like to take our work to unique places where our stories can be told.

All pieces are curated by Antonio Pesqueira and Mike Barr from Zug, Switzerland.