Walter Colvin's art

My Name is Walter Colvin, I am a 72 year old retired disabled war veteran.

I have been doing art work from fun for about 17 years. I started out with oil, acrylic, pencel, and charcoal.

Most of the art work I did was for friends on request. I have only started to sell to public for about six years.

Almost all the art work I do now is digital art on the computer and digital photography. Started digital art about six Years ago. I do miss brushing oil around on the canvas, but digital art is a new challenge I enjoy.

I just started using painter and a digital tablet. It is just about like painting with brush and canvas.
Most of the art I do is nature and Landscape,but I do others from abstract to space.
My goal in digital art is to make my art as good as a fine Oil painting.

My art work has been in major sports magazines, used on commemorative coins, and used as background for web sites and many others.

I would do my art work even if I never sold anything, but I would like other people to enjoy my art work. And I hope you do.