Sky North Photography

Sky North Photography

Bryan Smith has been a photographer for over 30 years. His work has been featured in Popular Photography & Imaging, various books including "City Comforts" by David Sucher and "African Pygmy Hedgehogs, a Perfect Pet". His images of British Columbia are well known in business and tourist brochures, newspapers, news outlets such as CTV News, the Los Angeles Times, maps and magazines as well as many of the larger regional and municipal Websites from British Columbia to Ontario.

In his work he seeks to expose the subtle beauty beneath the scenery, attempting to share with his viewers a sense of being there, experiencing the moment as it was meant to be viewed.

While landscape and wildlife photography has been and remains his passion, he is equally adept with portrait, newspaper and magazine work.

While the range of Bryan's work is broad, there is a unique style to his work that makes it stand out above the everyday crowd. His travels across the continent, from The bayous of Louisiana to the glaciers and mountains of Alaska and the Yukon, have added to his experience, as has his eclectic range of interests.

Bryan is well known for his work with African Pygmy hedgehogs, having written a book on hedgehogs and was featured on the cover of Wall Street Journal in 1996. Other interests include soapstone and wood carving (Bryan is formally trained in both fine and commercial art and his work recognized globally).