Sky Hawk Soars

Sky Hawk Soars

I've been making for several decades, in multiple mediums: dance, theater, singer/songwriter, clay, works on paper, works on canvas, stone, poetry, book projects. My work has been exhibited in the US and in Europe. I am gender fluid, identity fluid, and ability fluid as a consequence of extreme circumstances growing up. My legal name is Misa Miele Mandigo Kelly, my art name is Dylan Iolani Pu'u, honoring where the gifts largely came from, creatively, my Hawaiian ancestors. Sky Hawk is a name my brother gave me in a dream as he was passing through the veil. Naming the gallery for him is a way of honoring my ancestors.

I am retiring from the "professional" art scene and diving into play.
I am currently working on a website attempting the massive task of archiving my life work in this arena.

I am 61, in the present moment, and set the goal of finishing this process by the time I am 62, to make space for new things.

Who says I have to make art my entire life?

I've made enough for several lifetimes.

Michael in the Funk Zone


Inspired by The Masters

2020 - Scrubjay in Blue

2020-The Touch

Photography - Beauty

Works on Paper - Figurative