Maybe there is not much to say about why I think you should buy any art. Well...ok, you egged me on, so here. Really...there are many, many artists that paint, draw, and sculpt. Some do more than others and some just get there by association with popularity (or social acceptance and the love of the "artist in crowd." ) But there are so many artists. Why me? Well...maybe it truly is the success of others and maybe their art that makes them "great."

Maybe its that guy that has the design firm and oil paints.

Maybe its that girl that got pissed off when I said her artwork was great, but slapping paint on a canvas was (I felt) below her talent.

Maybe its the guy that can only get an "art gig" because he graduated from a distinguished art school, or an art university that somehow makes him better than anyone else, and meanwhile his work looks like average garbage in a landfill of average artists.

Maybe it is the shy and timid artist that is a mother in Orange County California that always wears Light-Blue-Variegated-Plaid-Shirts that several people just adore down in Laguna Beach CA. She is in competition with the other mother that is the artist extraordinaire - somewhere back in Minnesota.

Maybe it is the young twink guy in Portland Oregon that videos himself as a tortured artist in a cruel world of art instructors and disapproving adults.

Maybe it is a skilled sculptor that expresses his talent in body sculpture holding rings and balls - and sells his wares at a casino in Las Vegas Somehow he gets the time to sell an exact duplicate (in miniature size mind you) for $450,000.00.

Maybe it is the guy that paints like a three year old blind monkey and somehow sells a dumpload of it.

Maybe you like my art. Maybe you don't.

My art wants to reach to you...tell you more as you glance at it in a first unimpressed position of opinion.

My name is SKParker and I am "Steve the Artist."