Stephane Korb Art

Stephane Korb Art

I was born in 1954 into an artist family. At that time, my father had written about thirty songs for Yves Montand including A Paris that wanted to sing Danny Kaye. If my first memories are in music, the second are on his distant journeys. I was captivated by his stories in China and the remote regions of Korea and Russia. This is one of the reasons why in 1979 I became a photographer reporter and traveled a part of the globe to discover different cultures.

In 1978 filmmaker Chris Marker introduced me to Marc Riboud. He taught me the job of photo-reporter.
My steps then took me ten times to Australia where I watched camels caught by Ian Conway and his team. I caught the shark with Vic Hislop when he captured them for the artist Damien Hirst, then I stopped for a while to live with the North Queensland Aborigines. Of all that I made a book.

Between each trip I was always in New York. This is where I met the controversial forger David Stein who made a series of fake Andy Warhol exposed in the MOMA in 1989 and on which I published dozens of great reports.
And it was in Chistie's that I saw Malcom Forbes acquire a Faberge egg for the sum of one million eight hundred thousand dollars. At the end of the sale I approached him like all the journalists present but I was the only one to ask permission to photograph him with his entire collection and I was the only one to whom he gave this authorization.
My photo went around the world and was published by Life Magazine and even distributed a time by the prestigious Magnum photographer agency.

"Stéphane korb defender of all freedoms, especially his own," wrote photographer Marc Riboud.

After 20 years of instructive travel at the crossroads of photojournalism and international publications, I always refer to what Ansel Adams said: "You do not take a picture, you make it”. It's also to have greater control over what I do that I added brushes to my Leica. I use the techniques of pop art and street art mixed with the image report by artisanal process to produce works on my memory and the collective memory.
I wrote songs with my father in 1985 and published the texts and photographs of several books: Australian spirits on the tracks of Australia (Ed Romain pages 2000), Yves Montand (Ed.Jean-Claude Gawsewitch 2011) Keys for Japan (Memoires of artists edition 2014)