Sharon Nolan Photography

Sharon Nolan Photography

Photography: Nature, Portraiture, Restorations

Many of my photographs are from family travels, but I can almost assuredly find wonderful subjects in my own back yard! I love photographing nature: flowers, plants, butterflies, birds, and especially animals. I enjoy their beauty, majesty ... their antics.

I do the graphic design work, and some promotional photography for a ballet company. The company dancers make beautiful subjects as do the students in the academy. They are pretty much my only subjects who pose! I do love catching candid moments in studio rehearsals.

I also did the graphic design work and promotional photography for an aquarium store that our family owned and operated, so I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous marine and freshwater fish, corals, anemones and more. Underwater photography opened up new world of photo opportunities for me - and lucky for me, the non-swimmer, I didn’t have to get wet!

I submit my work to the National Geographic Photography page, some of which have gained recognition. Currently, I have an underwater photo that has been trending in National Geographic Photography since April of 2016.

Artistic Training, Education

Indiana University, Fine Arts - Bloomington, Indiana
University of Texas at Arlington - Arlington, Texas
Photography, InDesign, Adobe Seminars: InDesign, Photoshop

Graphic Designer and promotional photography:
Metropolitan Classical Ballet and Academy
Mejia Ballet International and Academy
The True Percula

Graphic Design: Branding, Website design, Advertising, Playbills