S&J Twisted Concoctions

S&J Twisted Concoctions



Everything on this page is either hand drawn or painted by Steph and Judy. Most pieces are for reference or sale. If you don't see anything you like or want feel free to message us your ideas.

Prices vary on whether its done an sketch paper or canvas. The size of the canvas used and the details added will factor into that price.

Types of pieces offered are:
-Sketch Paper
-any solid wood furniture such as Chairs, Stools, Dressers, Tables.
-Altered Books (form of mixed media artwork that changes a book from its original form into a different form)
-Paper Mache

Prices are:
- 8x10 - $20 Minimum
-11x14 - $25 Minimum
-12x16 - $30 Minimum

all other canvases range by size and details.

Sketch Paper
-$15 minimum

-determined by the type, size, and if you supplied the object that is to be painted.

-determined by size and quantity of supplies needed

Altered Book

Paper Mache