Interpretation is the soul of art.

My name is Sin Guan Tan, and some just know me as SG. Who am I? I’m a trainer, a social worker, having spent most of my working life (and still enjoying it) with people across different backgrounds and regions observing, listening, teaching, and of course learning from their frustrations, happiness and sadness. I see life, and I see it as simple, yet multifaceted with perspectives and layered with paradigms of interpretations. That itself is my interpretation of life. And I feel, I believe, that the variety of interpretations make life a little bit more interesting and challenging, if not humbling.

Having spent most of my life working with people instead of paints, I try to capture experiences, frustrations and emotions, enjoying the ability to interpret a painting as we do a person. I have never been known as an artist, because I have never trained as one. Yet, I can still call myself an artist. Some might not agree. You’re welcome to your interpretation 

In my learning years, I studied Economics and Social Sciences in Malaysia, Theology in Singapore. Currently, I am a PhD candidate with the School of Philosophy and Religion of Bangor University, U.K. No, I do not have any training or qualifications in art or painting. Can someone who has never studied light and shadow, perspectives and mixing paint? Well, I think I can play with colors. Lacking formal instruction in the science of painting, I trust in my instincts in color to play on the canvas.