Images of the Middle East and the Holy Land

Images of the Middle East and the Holy Land

"Kelvin Bown offers the very highest quality art prints on paper or canvas of his work in restoring historical images of the Middle East. He succeeds in bringing to life the places, people, stories and events that remain in the negatives and original prints of these images, using the latest restoration technologies and techniques. His work coves Palestine, Jordan. Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

You can visit his website to get a better understanding of this fascinating process and have a look at the work he has available, selected images of the Middle East evoking times past.

His work can serve as exquisite decorative and cultural pieces in museums, hotels and public institutions, as well as offices and as appreciated VIP gifts or offering to loved ones.

Highest quality prints available on 100% cotton non-fading museum quality paper, matt or semi-glossy, and 100% cotton canvas.
or telephone +962 77 521 3674 (Jordan)...