Simona Simionescu

Simona Simionescu


I am more than a dreamer. :) Art took me away since I know to count (I dream more than count days or anything that is numbered) or read in different spaces and illuminated and lighted my heart with hopes that people don't or can't offer or colors that I can't reach in different minds of others. I like to feel and believe through colors, sounds, movement, dynamism, smile and words. Sometimes facts are not the same with words, tho I can't blame reality in this, right, even if I DO dream a lot -better times, beautiful personality or shapes of minds ... Sometimes my universe don't collide with the real world so I put it on canvas. That You see, appreciate and ... maybe choose as satellites to your heart and mind.

Art is a dream, an illusion, in which silence is the sublime motive.
Through silence you can hide worlds and ideas, some facts which, if you commit them, could lead you into an alien, sick and sad world.
The world I have is different, viewed from different angles, it is discovered as a pivot in which, twisting and twisting, another move is rediscovered.
The dream and the silence, abstract motives and yet, which come from a mind in which a simple glass is not just glass and the bodies fluid under a matter that they I cannot describe, because everything inside me it's a mixture of glass, velvet, wood and fire that was not invented but which, once it gets in the air, evaporates.
The silence beyond looks it is a silence that can put you in more difficulty than mere silence in deeds. The silence from the eyes can redefine a space in which the concrete has no meaning, since it is hidden, difficult to penetrate among the binding ideas.
The alienation, the sickness, the injured egos come to shelter in a dark mind that turns and twists words, materials, facts on all sides, and viewed under the microscope can look different worlds.
This eroticism and disarticulation come from the re-imagining of everyday situations, in which, mental and factual abstinence is limited only to colors, lines, spaces and worlds then revised, carefully hand-held which, driven by an apparently perverse mind, is simple as a construction
the rework of the mental world into pictures makes sometimes the artist's experience be confused with the imagined one, in which you will escape.
The drawings are with pencil and are more ideas from the images I recreate and reinvent -each object itself has a story -very different than the reality, and the paintings are also reinvented natural pictures from flowers or leaves.

Thanks and hope you'll enjoy these words and shapes, lines, colors, volumes, messages and hidden' life of everything I have in my secret mind!