silent iris

silent iris

I picked up a paintbrush only when I was 34. I had tried painting once when I was a kid during one of the classroom drawing sessions, but I was so intimidated by the brush and paints that I simply abandoned it! Of course, I never dared to paint after that, just sketching here and there and making birthday cards for my cousins and friends once in a while. But then, life intervened. Running in this race of life, I injured my leg while I was at work. There was no way I could resume my profession after that as it required me to be on the field. My dreams took a setback; I had no financial backup; it was indeed the darkest period of my life. Then one fine day, I came across an article of taking up a 100 days challenge. It basically required you to create or pursue any activity diligently for a 100 days. I was motivated. My thoughts instantly went to the set of color paints one of my friends had gifted me for my birthday. Of course, I had never opened it. The uncomfortable feeling I had experienced in my childhood had never left me. But then I thought to myself, 'why not take up the challenge of creating something for the next 100 days?' The rest as they say is history. Not only did I learn to paint, I overcame my fears, anxieties, depression in life with it. Every day that I created a piece, it felt like a victory. Every day was a joy. Every day, an opportunity to pursue and explore an idea. Not only did I finish the 100 days challenge, it has been more than 5 years that I have been painting. If there is one word to express my art, then it would be 'healing.' For, that is what it did to me. So, every creation here is a part of my journey. A reflection of the power of art.

The 100 days challenge that I took can be verified on my instagram handle: @silent_iris. The very first post is the very first day I picked up the colors. Additionally, I also wrote a story line every single day. I have now consolidated the paintings and the story I wrote spontaneously in those 100 days as: "Iris and the Tree". I am now looking forward to publishing it; any help or leads on that regard would be highly appreciated.

Painting is just not just colors on paper; it’s magic! And I hope you feel it too !




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