Sigita Dolls

Sigita Dolls

I started to create dolls in 2009 when I was "in waiting time" for my first kid. Once I saw an art doll exhibition and it changed my life. The same evening when I've got home I created my first art doll. Little by little dollmaking became my passion. In spite of being extremely busy, I find some time for creating during nights.

I specialize in sculpted polymer clay dolls, do all the dress tailoring and make every tiny detail. Each doll is created from my unique design and is a one-of-a-kind creation.
As a child, I wanted to become a fashion designer. During my school years, I attended the school of fine art for children. After high school, I studied the visual design, so I especially love designing and sewing the clothing for my dolls. I can’t pass up a beautiful piece of cloth, even if I don’t know what I’ll do with it. As a result, our home is filled with materials for costuming.

All of my dolls have only one shoe, that is my signature as creator. Each one has a different theme. I give them human expressions, but with a touch of humor, so that they look like they come from a different world.

I consider art dolls a unique synthetic genre of fine arts in which any creative person has unlimited possibilities to express and implement his or her ideas, fantasies and dreams. And return to childhood, for a while…