Sia Designs by Monique Jackson

Sia Designs by Monique Jackson

Monique is an artist, gallery director, author and mother. She was first introduced to clay sculpting in high school. Once the introduction was made, she fell in love with this medium. Though working with clay is her ultimate favourite, she possesses a genuine passion for digital art, photography, jewellery making and writing. Her artistic background includes 2D & 3D (clay/ resin) sculptures, mold making, casting, accessory production, graphic design, acrylic painting and more.

Monique has spent the past decade exploring various art and craft forms. Aside from attending a few workshops and learning the basics in high school, she is predominantly a self taught artist who never stops learning. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelors of Art Degree in Graphic Design.

In 2010, Ms.Jackson created her personal brand called Sia Designs (Formerly "Sia Creations") which is comprised of all her art, jewellery, books and digitally formulated designs for apparel, accessories, gift items & more.

After years of working as a professional artist, Monique learned about the many challenges that are faced in the art profession. Gaining exposure and receiving attention from prominent brick and mortar galleries proved to be a challenge for many artists. As a result, she created an online art gallery called the International Gallery of the Arts (IGOA) & Exquisite Arts Magazine to help provide additional opportunities and exposure for artists. Inclusion in IGOA's online art exhibitions and digital magazine have helped many artists build their resume and gain professional merit.

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