Art by Sabiha

Art by Sabiha

Sabiha grew up in Mumbai, India, and graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Bombay. After her marriage, in 1974, she moved to Tokyo, Japan, for three years, then on to Dubai and Kuwait, with a brief stay in Antwerp, Belgium.

In 1985, Sabiha moved to Stony Brook, NY, with her family. During the next 15 years, she was a stay-at- home mom for her two young children.

With her exposure to international cultures, Sabiha had developed an appreciation for different forms of art. During her free time, she enrolled in the local art classes, and began experimenting with water colors and pastels. She found those mediums very appealing and has continued with art instructions since then.

Around 2000, Sabiha joined Studio 703, in Port Jefferson, NY, where her Art instructor, Genia Neuschatz, encouraged her to try Acrylics, which became her primary interest. Over the years, Sabiha evolved with expert instruction. Being around other artists in the studio, inspired and motivated her to aspire further. She has found it to be a stimulating learning experience.

In 2014, by chance, she was introduced to Mixed Media which really caught her interest. Having pursued the acrylic medium, she incorporated it in an experimental Mixed Media/Abstract Art, in which she eventually found her "niche" and developed her own unique eclectic style. Several sales and appreciation of her work in India gave Sabiha additional enthusiasm to pursue her own distinctive style of art.

Art, for Sabiha, which started as a therapeutic pursuit, has turned into an opportunity for "freedom of expression" of colors, textures, patterns, creativity and flair!

Sabiha currently lives in Setauket, NY, with her husband and two adult children.