samuel hagag

samuel hagag

Samuel was born in 1982 in Netanya, Israel. He began to paint at the age of 12, when he self- taught himself to paint using oil on canvas.

The world of art was always been a big part of Samuel's life,
He found his calmness and comfort at a young age by photographing beautiful and meaningful places and thinngs, and eventually bringing them to life using his paint brush into impressionistic paintings..

Naturally, his passion became a profession, and people discovered his work and are now continuously waiting for more creations...

Most of Samuel's paintings are authentic views- combination of nature and humans.
Samuel's works are full of spectacular colors, contrast and mainly- liveliness.

One can easily think that Samuel's paintings are actual photographs due to his clean, precise and flawless technic.

Samuel's paintings can be found in galleries around the world. Some of these places inlcude: los Angeles, San Francico, Paris, london, all over Israel and much more...
Art collectors from Israel and all over the world purchase his paintings and keep following his career.

Samuel currently resides in New York City where he challenges and inspires his creative mind daily. Follow Samuel on social media to keep up with his artistic journey and discover his one- of- a- kind creations that transform the paint strokes into life...