Shirley Spencer

Shirley Spencer

Shirley Spencer broke into the art scene in July 2012. Inspired by the beauty of the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada she began expressing her love of vibrant colour and texture through the use of acrylic paint on canvas. "I live in a pretty piece of paradise", she says. "Creativity can't help but seep into your pores when you call a place like this home."
Shirley is an artist, singer/songwriter, musician who enjoys experimentation with different styles of painting. Best known for her flowers or contemporary abstract art she occasionally is drawn to painting scenery.
"When I pick up a brush, pallet knife, sponge or some other painting tool, I'm never sure what the end result will be", she says. "I find the journey into the unknown very exciting and therapeutic.
When someone appreciates my art it is always a source of great joy to me."

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