Shirleypix Art & Photography

Shirleypix Art & Photography

Shirley Tyler has been a photographer most of her life. She enjoys capturing things a bit out of the norm but catching to the eye. Through her travels and life, she has captured some beautiful photography and enjoys sharing it with people who understand how to appreciate great art and photography.

She has lived in several places in her lifetime but living in Japan helped her to grow as a photographer, photographing some beautiful scenery and locations in Japan, as well as photographing Japan events, people, places and life on the Navy Base where she and her family resided for 7 years. Being widowed in 2006, and moving back to the states, she met and married Russell. They lived in Portland OR for 6.5 years then moved to live in GA and close to Shirley's family.

To purchase her work of art will bring a piece into your house that will spark conversation and add beauty to your home.

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