ShintaraRose Art

ShintaraRose Art

Born in Belgium and raised in Australia from 1972, having the privilege to experience the freedom and open space Australia has to offer. Now living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia much of my inspiration comes from what I see around me and of course my children are always giving me inspiration and ideas to continue my artistic journey.

I create some of my art from visions I receive during Meditation. Artworks are bright and bold in colour standing out from the crowd. A blend of Naive Art, Contemporary and mid Abstract. Works inspired by the mysteries of the mystical world and the love of landscape and nature.

Every piece is unique and has a story of its own.

I like to focus my works on tranquillity and light, it is something the world needs right now! I am a nature's child; very rarely do I enjoy being closed in by walls. I spend most of my time outdoors and have always been fascinated by the wonders of our natural world.

My most recent works have been inspired by my children who have all requested a painting for their own homes. I enjoy the challenge and there is no better feeling than doing something with love and good intention.

Above and Beyond Imagination



Acrylic Flow Art

Childrens Art