ShintaraRose Art

ShintaraRose Art

I call myself an intuitive artist, my name is Sabine, I am ShintaraRose Art.
Some of my work goes beyond imagination as I connect with the mystical realms.

I was born in Belgium in 68' my parents migrated to Australia in 72', giving us (siblings) the privilege to grow up in such a great country.
Horses are my passion, natures open spaces definitely my haven.
I love using bright, shiny, high vibration color because it is uplifting.

My first two artworks were created through fun. An affirmation that got me by the Heart Strings and Pegasus Vortex - a vision received during a mother earth healing meditation in 2015. Feeling inspired I decided to give it a go, solely trusting my intuition as I have never had art lessons.

In 2018 I decided to change my style and create landscape and scenery.
ShintaraRose Art

Mixed Media