divine sutra

divine sutra


An artist who paints her "vision of a slice of time", Ipshita Shetty is an upcoming Indian artist who likes to dwell into the realms of the mind, to relook at the picture already seen by the world. She sets the viewer thinking and engages with her making candid evaluations of our universal emotions.

•Her canvas radiates peace and very rarely are the colours confrontational. Her patrons feel that her art is meditative and creates an expanse of calmness much like a still lake on a winter afternoon with warm undercurrents and an exterior of pragmatic creative ripples. Ipshi as she is popularly known amongst her peers; establishes a relation and generates soothing mood around the artwork

One common chime in her painting is the umbilical chord between moods and nature. The flora the fauna the figures the time and the places …all intertwine to create an unique palate frozen in time and recreated on the canvas by the artist.
•Ipshi does want to be called a story teller but maintains she is a photographer who displays her shot on a canvas.
•She says evolving as an artist should not be a conscious decision but should be a natural evolution towards the final vision.