Returns Your Gaze Art

Returns Your Gaze Art

All About Shelley M. Latreille:

I am a Photographer, Writer, Artist, Creative Innovator, and Human Resources Professional. My goal is to create art that is just as curious about you as you are of it. As you stare at my art, it will stare back at you and look at your insides to view only what your mind has the ability to view. My artistic creations will stare back at you and will see inside your soul while you view it. Each piece of art that I create represents a piece of my mind and its vast and unending imagination. I enjoy creating art and taking photographs because these activities allow me to set my creativity free and to become myself. Currently, I live and create in West Jordan, Utah. I have also lived in New York State, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Maine.


I am a digital photographer. My photos are in color or black and white. I typically take color photographs and then create a black and white version. I enjoy peeling away the colors to see the actual soul and texture of the photograph. It’s my way of meeting a photograph for the first time. I also edit my photographs in order to enhance their creative potential and to make their imaginative qualities much more expansive. I am also a digital videographer.

I paint abstract subjects on canvas or other mediums using acrylic paint. An image is what you make it. I want my work to have different and multiple meanings, depending upon who looks upon it or who my art looks upon.

I write morbid poems and short stories. I try to weave unique, intense, and gripping tales. I have always preferred the macabre over the normal. I always try to ensure that my writing contains the appropriate words.

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to be myself. I had to be who everyone else wanted me to be. That was very time consuming. But, that existence allowed me to become an excellent profiler of others. I also was not allowed to create art or write words that were not approved by others. Listening to music was the only thing that I had and it was the only thing that kept me going. Now, I write whatever words I want to write and create art whenever I wish. I don’t let anyone stifle my creations. It is very important to let my mind run free and keep my ideas flowing. Everyone should be allowed to freely create. My biggest influences are heavy metal music, Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner), and my maternal grandfather.

I am very quiet. Actually, I am deadly silent until you really get to know me. Once you get to know me, I can be quite talkative. I am honest, trustworthy, and an excellent listener. I am a very proficient problem-solver, very observant, detail-oriented, and extremely imaginative. I am also very creative and have excellent planning abilities. I am able to see the entire picture. I am easily able to think outside the box or even construct a new and improved box.

My excellent and vast imagination knows no bounds. Usually, no one ever knows what I am thinking or what I will say next. Sometimes I don't speak for very long periods of time, which really seems to disturb some people. I have been told that I am mysterious, clever, and un-shockable. I am also dark and morbid, and even somewhat emo.

Abstract Acrylic Paintings

Digital Color Photographs

Digital Black & White Photographs