Sheilah's Art

Sheilah's Art

Sheilah Plumley: I have always loved drawing and my art was my dream. My first prizewinning painting was done when I was about ten years old. It was a painting of Fry's Chocolate factory with a field of buttercups in front. It was a national competition by Frys and I won first prize - a huge box of watercolour paints, brushes and paper. That was the start. I would have loved to go to Art College but was encouraged rather to follow academic studies. So for most of my life, art has just been a hobby, but in the last fourteen years I have been able to devote more time to my art, and have received commissions in portraiture of people and animals. After winning prizes for some of my paintings I am now selling more paintings and find they are becoming popular. I have had no formal training, but in the last seventeen years my work has improved through practice and tuition. I love painting and I do not specialise in any subject, so my art is varied and my passion is watercolour. I also paint in oil and acrylic. Among my subjects are flowers, animals, landscapes, portraits, the sea, still life and scenery. I love to give paintings to my friends. So boredom is not on my list. Thank you for visiting and keeping my dream alive.
There is much more to come. Keep looking to see more paintings and drawings. contact -

Old Bridge, Confolens

Sea Shore

Mount Rainer

Is it a Bird? SOLD.

Still life


Scenery and buildings

Animals and humans portraits

Birds, Butterflies and Flowers