I have lived in many places, met lots of really chill people and I have seen amazing pieces of art. I grew up in Manassas, VA but I finally rested in Tucson, AZ. I am in love with the textures, vibrant colors and inspirational sunsets that Tucson has to offer. I feel rejuvenated and want to paint every day all day. I am pleased to share my art with you and hope that you enjoy it.

I graduated HS from Osbourn in Manassas, VA. My senior year I focused on my art and took all the elective classes that the school would allow.

After HS I participated in and received a certificate of completion in the International Correspondence School of Dress Making and Design.

Later in 2009 I completed a course study in Marketing at the Tucson Pima Community College.

My work was showcased at the 2009 Big Brothers Big Sisters Southwest Flair-A Fair.

In 2015 I started to donate my work for charitable causes and donated two pieces to the Tucson Parent Aid WeCare Gala silent auction. My goal is to continue to donate my works and to annually participate in this charitable event.

Nothing yet but I'm ready, also available for custom orders.

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