Sharon McConnell

Sharon McConnell

I am a photographer in central Ohio, USA, enjoying nature and fine art photography; capturing moments in time and beautiful places, merging them together into the imagery of my art.

I am drawn to the colors and textures in nature, and strive to capture that beauty in my photographs. Each image tells a story and can stir emotion within the viewer. Maybe it reminds you of a place you've visited in the past, or a favorite color or fragrance. Perhaps it stirs a memory of a loved one, or a special day. And maybe it just makes you feel happy! Life is fragile, and nature reminds us to enjoy each day God gives us, and to gently care for all that is provided along the way. Maybe you'll see something that catches your eye and speaks to you as well.

I firmly believe that photo art should be printed and displayed in your home or business, helping to tell the story of who you are. And art can be passed down to your children, so places, and moments in time can become memories to be cherished and a family legacy.

Please continue to browse my artwork and galleries to find what's right for your home or business decor, correspondence or gift needs. Most images are available in several sizes and formats. Come back soon; new images are added frequently.

If you see images that you like, you can purchase here, and the item will printed on demand and sent to you. Thank you, and many blessings!

All photographs on this web site are fully protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. The images may not be reproduced, manipulated or used in any way, without written permission.