Sharmila’s Paintings

Sharmila’s Paintings

The artist in me paints in all varied media and styles to suit my mood in the moment, that’s what is said of me.

Among my works, there has been something for everyone to enjoy - the deep mysteries of the forest, colourful flowers, simple manmade objects, kites in the sky or a dive into the blue green sea.

I am a firm believer of the idea that to create a good painting, one must paint with heart and soul first. A picture that gives joy to others is a successful painting.
It does not matter whether at the first instance, the viewer has understood technicalities of a painting, such as the medium, the technique and painting style the artist has used.
But more important and revealing is the mere response of the viewer - whether he has liked what he has seen and what thought process it urged him on to.

View a few paintings from my Forest Series-

Forest Series