Beyond ART Gallery

Beyond ART Gallery

My name is Shabnam Zafarmand, I was born in Iran among a talented family. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to draw and color pictures. I learned oil painting from my older brother Siavash , who is a professional fine artist in Iran. In my high school years, my art teachers and school staff recognized me as a very talented young artist; I won first place in the Tehran district high school art contest.
When I turned 20, I started teaching art to kids in an Art school and about a year later I began teaching fine art in a middle school in Tehran. When I was 22, I participated in two international Art shows in Tehran. In 1997, I migrated to the United States and I opened my own art school (Mission Art Center) in the city of Orange, in September of 2005. My school is considered one of the most successful art schools in Orange County. I love my profession and teaching to kids and adults has always been my passion.

With my busy lifestyle, I never really had a chance to present my paintings to public. In July of 2012, I finally exhibited my painting at my studio and I became qualified to join the Laguna Beach International Art-A-Fair Festival in 2013. I exhibited my painting at the festival for the entire summer. It was a good experience and success.

In Feb of 2014, the article about my story and my profession was published in Orange County Register daily newspaper by Bill Johnson.

I'm specialized in photorealisim, impression, surrealism, and portrait oil painting. I'm also actively teaching art to kids and adults at the Mission Art Center.