My Bambinos by Shannon Jones

My Bambinos by Shannon Jones

My name is Shannon Jones. I have always loved creating and have applied that love and skill over the course of my life whether its been with clothing, drawing, painting, writing poetry, creative writing, scrap booking, gardening, cooking or cake design and decorating.

I started getting back into painting in January of 2017 after the dust had settled from an ugly divorce,long and evil custody battle and battling some personal demons from my past also. I realized how much joy it brings me. Each painting is an expression of who i am as a person and allows me the personal freedom to use my imagination in anyway I choose.

Every painting is a labor of love and my hope is that others will love what they see, think and/or feel.

I do put my own brand of quirkiness in each piece as well as my interesting and sometimes dark sense of humor too.

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