Shandor Alexander

Shandor Alexander

Shandor Alexander

Born in Ukraine, city Vinogradov, Transcarpathian region in 1981.
He studied at the Uzhgorod College of Arts named after Erdeli for metal processing department.
During his studies he studied with teachers - V.V.Petretsky, O.B.Lukach, M.Mihaylyuk.
Member of many Ukrainian and international exhibitions and plein air.
His works are in private collections, galleries of Ukraine and abroad.

Personal exhibitions:
2011 - Hust Art Gallery, Hust, Ukraine
2014 - Gallery "Art Summer", Moscow, Russia
2015 - exhibition "My Carpathians", Kyiv Law University NAS PMC, Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 - exhibition "Symphony of the Carpathians" Gallery "Palmgren Madame", L’viv, Ukraine
2017 – exhibition "Carpathian Paths" Gallery "Zavalny ARTTsenter, Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 summer - Personal exhibition "Polesie and Transcarpathia" - city of Zhytomyr, gallery "Gnatyuk Art Center"
2019 winter - exhibition "In search of" Vinogradov Impasto Gallery
2020 winter - personal exhibition in Carpathian Homeland Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

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