Born in 1967 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Shand studied in advertising and marketing, at the University of Montreal, in 1994. Since all advised her against having a bachelor degree in Arts, advertising provided her with the artistic and creative side that animated her since childhood, given the fact that she has been painting since she was 16 years old. This academic training and the agencies, for which she worked as a Project Manager, brought her this rigor as well as a marked taste for bright and flamboyant colors.

The trips she has made for pleasure and the many trade shows she attended in Europe and in he United States, brought her this richness in culture and arts. The exotic nature, forms, architecture and the vibrant colors she photographed during her travels have brought her this exotic and original dimension to the canvas she paints.

Shand uses, to create her paintings, a mixed technique on canvas; today she favors acrylic over oil with a rich colorful palette.

The sensual and emotional atmosphere of Shand compositions are a visual passport to a renewed conception of nature, rich and profound, based on impetuous movements and vibrant and contrasting colors. In all her paintings, she tries to recreate a constant motion. She wants her paintings to live. To vibrate!

By her artwork, Shand wants to share a moment of passion and share this energy all in color and movement.