Shameela's Art

Shameela's Art

Shameela Yoosuf Ali hails from the beautiful Island Sri Lanka.

She is a Journalist, writer,researcher, artist and a bilingual poet.

Shameela loves painting and playing with colours in her spare time, apart from reading books, writing poetry and travelling around the globe.

Shameela writes and lectures on women empowerment in various platforms.
She also teaches art techniques in lectures related to aesthetics and psychology. She uses art as an expressive medium for social change and empowerment.

Presently she is residing in the UK with her husband and preparing for her PhD. She loves and believes in Rumi’s quote ‘Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion’
Here is a poem of Shameela where she tells who she is
I am an Old Soul

Breeze of autumn swooshes the leaves,
The world gushes forth fast and furious.

As I sit in a solemn wooden chair,
Resting my neck in a wine red cushion
By my window, lacy white curtains pushed aside

Sun sets behind the cedars and birches
Sky painted in a dull purple with
Shades of orange, yellow, and tinge of my heart.

My shawl of breathing green with a red border
Still wrapped round covering my hair
For I prayed Asar just a while ago.

I loosen my shawl grazing through
The double glazed glass windowpane
The world is so still like a mountain beside a flowing river.
Aroma of cinnamon blended with brown dried wildflowers
Fill my being soothing and lulling from my potpourri.

Somewhere not far away from here
People are rushing back from work
Day is done, the same pattern same frenzy
365 days, the same lentil curry same spices.

I live in the starry heaven in my mind.