Shaman Alexander Art

Shaman Alexander Art

i am Alexander Randy Long, i am 31 years old, i Grew up in Victoria British Columbia, Canada, born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. i was adopted by my uncle and aunt as my father was shot and killed by a police officer during a domestic dispute before i was born in 1990. he was 20 years old, and my birth mom was 17. my father was a very talented musician and in 1983 he formed a band that turned into Mission Of Christ, a hard core technical death metal band that were so close to making it big, they hung out with red hot chili peppers and green day and many other popular bands of today. my dad never even knew my mom was pregnant he died before he found out, my mom smoked while she was pregnant and i was born a month premature. so i have some mental health issues, and i've spent some time in the mental hospital but it seemed to have helped. i spent 15 years skateboarding and partied through high school and into my early 20s until i was 22 i have suffered numerous traumatic brain injuries, from accidents and being assaulted so i am mentally disabled and have a very hard time working and keeping a job. i'm 31, i've been married for close to 10 years now, my wife is 53. i saved up and went to Australia in 2010 when i was 20 years old i had an amazing time and learned many life lessons. i am into shamanism. i've had a few religious spiritual experiences where i was visited by 3 very powerful ancestral spirits who watched over me for 12 hours and blessed me with a sacred ritual in which they sent white orbs or angels, or positive spirits of creation in and out of my body one by one vibrating with positive energy, then flying around the room and showed me a portal into a dark empty space where black orbs aimlessly fly around awaiting to be summoned.. i've decided to try and sell some of my photography in order to get the help we need...

Heres some of my writing as well. Cheers
god bless you 777
this story is a true story that was intracately designed and meticulously woven over generations of experience
painstakingly written in a complex rhythmic structural
a pattern that exists in all matter and all of mother
as this story evolves and the seconds pass, is woven
into a fabric,
intertwined and interwoven with the fabric of space and
time as it repeats and overlaps words
become matter and it becomes the reality that
surrounds you, in a moment of profound truth
a spell of bliss surrounds you
What i will reveal to you through this passage, if was
written on papyrus would only secure
it as a sacred scripture, written as an esoteric force of
nature, a simple arrangement
of words accumulated and stacked like the blocks that
make up the pyramids
is how to tune in to a sacred source of transmitted
frequencies from a galaxy far away
by tuning in you will be granted access to a wealth of
informational infrastructures,
and learn to understand that you can live to reaching
cosmic bliss.
and walk the line as i do.
awaken your cosmic being and access the pools of rich
knowledge that exists naturally in the
spiritual cores of every one of us that can walk this

city life