Shaleaux Fine Art & Design

Shaleaux Fine Art & Design

Hi, first of all let me explain the name. It is pronounced "shuh" and "low". Sounds like shalom (no I'm not Jewish). Shaleaux, its a boring story about how it came to be, but it stuck.
Ive been drawing most of my life, however I didn't think seriously about until i was a senior in highschool. I received the oportunity to take art lessons and fell in love with drawing photorealistic pictures. The challenge of getting all the details down is the best thing ever.
I took a year of art classes in college but didn't pursue it.
Through a lot of practice, though, I have developed my skills. I davle in painting, charcoal, ink, and other mediums, but my first love is my 4h-6b pencil set.

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