shaimaa alaa

shaimaa alaa

Shaimaa Alaa
Born in 1982 Cairo - Egypt. Live and work in Cairo Graduated from faculty of commerce Ain Shams University, She works as a photographer and fonder in Qomra Art House studios.
I’m a self-taught artist, keep working on myself. I describe myself as an artist, spend most of my time producing work out of motivation for my own concepts. I have always been involved in different art forms, but stumbled into self-portraits because they were convenient (I like to work alone and I am impatient; when I have an idea I want to work on it right away!). I started using myself as a model, because I was having a lot of ideas that I wanted to try and work with right away. I never expected that it would be permanent or that I would be a “self portrait artist”, but I eventually ¬¬¬¬found that it was the best method for me to portray my visual ideas and so I stuck with it. Being the subject and the object of these photos gives me a unique level of creative control. To me, being a true ‘fine-art photographer’ is about finding passion in sharing messages. I think a conceptual photograph is a combination of an idea concept and story as well as the ability to express a raw emotion. I also think a certain level of skill and technique are needed to turn a photograph from a simple image, into an expressive piece of artwork. To me, is a photograph that tells a story through unusual or a-typical means?
I was deeply attracted & found myself in the conceptual arts concept, it is a very important & inspiring type of arts so I used the main interesting tool I have in my life to express this art which is the Camera
To me a conceptual photography is a combination of emotions, thoughts, concept and story so I decided to dive deep into my own world to bring my emotions and thoughts alive to my camera

2015 (19), Cairo opera house, Cairo Egypt
2015 (19), Atelier D’Alexandrie, Egypt, Alexandria Egypt

COLLECTIVE exhibition
2016 Dubai photo exhibition, Dubai, UAE.
2016 “the woman by femininity eyes”, Marconian photography association
2016 Al Thane Award , Qatar
2016 Egypt spirit Lamest Art Gallery
.2015 Youth Salon 27th of Cairo
.2014 Sharjah photography competition, UAE
.2014 Youth Salon 26th of Cairo

.2014 returning soul back Elsey Cultural Wheel, EGYPT
.2013 Youth Salon 25th of Cairo
.2013 photography exhibition El sawey Cultural Wheel Cairo Egypt
2014 First place, Sharjah Photography Competition, UAE
2013 Youth Salon of Cairo, Egypt