jbanks art & photography

jbanks art & photography


A R T I S T / S T A T E M E N T

My art is relevant and inspiring to my personal thoughts and deep beliefs. I can soar and achieve

new heights, whether it is spiritually, mentally, or physically driving the natural aesthetic of the

mind and deriving points from visions or dreams from scale, to create form, balance, and

movement. I like to incorporate these techniques to achieve a composition that is not yet thought

of but cannot be repeated because organically and naturally I love to implement a complexity

and take the viewer’s mind on a journey.

Whether it’s minimal or maximized I want the viewer to envision their own fantasy or use their

creativity to transform it into their own journey. When I listen to music or even remain silenced

in a daze my mind goes a blaze. Colors reflect lines, circles, and sharp edges collide like the

feeling of a unique jazzy tune and they meet in the middle and dance, play, and run together as

life itself! I combine different materials as I create my work. A process begins and progresses

into an unfinished end. Constant thought and disorderly transitioning is the formal aspect of the


Oh the possibilities of being you and having the freedom to combine art in a normalized world,

but having the talent to use my mind to create something and bring it to life, adding its own

touch and feel. I just feel so close to a heavenly or even a utopian atmosphere. I love combining

materials and finding new ways to express the ideas and give art that abstract sensation.