I am a self-taught artist. I have always been deeply passionate about art, however, I never got the opportunity to pursue it as a career. I recently got married and moved to the UK from the Middle East. My travels around Europe along with a happy year of marriage inspired me to start painting again.

When I paint, I feel like my heart opens with a love for life. I love to get my creative juices flowing and drift off into my own private sanctuary. I love the smell of paint, the mixing of colours till I find the perfect tone, the experimenting with different kinds of gels and pastes. I love to create. My desire for self-expression drives me to create paintings and it is an avenue through which I share my emotions with the world.

I create contemporary abstract textured paintings in an impressionistic style. I have always been deeply inspired by nature. My art draws from nature’s serene and beautiful qualities and contains within them a feeling of tranquility. My signature style is using heavy impasto technique along with abstract strings of paint to give a thick yet fluid texture, which adds a beautiful 3-dimensional quality to the artwork. Most importantly, I try to create uplifting paintings that will become the focal point of any living space and generate a positive vibe to everyone around it.