About Sergiy Roy
Prelude. The little boy is unsure about standing on his baby feet in his cot, holding onto the railing for a moment, without parental care. When he returned to the room, his parents overwhelmed his feelings, he saw a wall standing close to the bed. This wall was painted with children's pens (the choice of material for the author was limited). It was the first attempt at self-expression, and it was the beginning. This boy was me. My mother told me this story when I was a student at Kharkiv Academy of Arts and Design.
 "Sergiy Roy's works are essential; they are overflowing with themes and feelings. The precondition of this diversity can be derived from the upward motive of dialogue, though it cannot be realized. The life of the soul ... Where is this place? "The place for the life of the soul is inside the soul," - corresponds to his creative work, Sergei Roy. Such a level of generalization dictates a degree of conditioning. The direction of the search makes the author to know his own "I". it is not their concretization, visible and recognizable appearance, but the condition of being in creation that is internal freedom.The conversation with the world reaches productive tension and acquires a feature of object ... The deep sky dunes lie on the canvas, creating it under the impression. But not only that, it is the texture of an emotional experience as if it were truly living separately, and the master paints an image of a thirsty soul, a thirst for time and space. Sand and sky fill the bank for millennia. It seems their fluid has long since turned to stone. What should an artist do? Does he remember everything? But it always was. Our memory nourishes art and puts life into it. It seems that this discovery Sergei Roy made a long time ago. The next opening of the spiritual thread (the breath of time) is now made. For "change" and "create" are synonyms for Sergius Roy "
                                                                L. Nestulia, cultural scientist.
 Museums and Collection: Jacksonville College (Florida, USA); Khmelnytsky National Art Museum (Ukraine); Poltava Art Museum (Ukraine); Contemporary Art Gallery, Poltava (Ukraine); USA, Germany, England, Russia, Ukraine, Poland. He has participated in many international and Ukrainian exhibitions. He has participated in several international projects. His works are in museums and private collections in Ukraine also: America, Australia, Austria, Dubai, England, Taiwan, Germany, New Zealand, France, Greece, Israel, Ireland.




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