Serenity's Arts

Serenity's Arts

Hello there
My name is Karla
I've been an artist for about 8 years but I've recently began to persue my career as a full professional art for about 6 months. I have done pieces of art for my high school and college, but it wasn't until my father asked me to help paint the bedroom of a little girl a few years back that I decided to become an artist. I still remember her happy face when she saw her bedroom. My mother never supported my art, saying that it was a waste of time, but my father pushed me to continue fine tuning my craft. Ever since then I've gotten commissions sent to Europe. Australia, Mexico, and parts of South America. I specialize in the fantasy elements of art ranging from but not limited to My Little Pony, Star Wars and to the video game arts too like Assassin's Creed and Halo.

Random Pieces

My Little Pony Mane 6

Ruling Alicorn Sisters

Musicians of Ponyville

Fairy pony series