Sensual Nudity

Sensual Nudity

The art pieces within Sensual Nudity are dedicated to empowering and celebrating women across the world and beyond through all of their shapes, sizes, skin types and features.

The art pieces are interconnected with each other through the specific theme of exploring and presenting the skin of women, together with their bodies in all shapes and sides.

The collections made are meant to encourage and empower women, to appreciate their bodies, especially their skin, and express the powerful vulnerability throughout each collection as well as individual pieces. Each and every one of the pieces is a reminder for whoever needs an empowerment which they can look at every day, that the body and skin we are all in, is meant to be scratched and unique, and through all times, we, women are able to stay powerful and strong-minded.

One of the pieces, called Skin Nudity, explores the parts of the skin in an abstract way through representing a skin cell, which can be affected by our emotions and show on the outside.

The three collections, The Mysterious, The Sensitivity and The 11/33/88, are a visual outside presentation of women's bodies and figures through tangible scratches and real-skin portrayal. They were specifically made in different skin, black and white mixture of colors, to emphasize and celebrate each and every part of every side of a woman's body.

Empowering yourself, empowering other women, and empowering the world to appreciate women, their being, their bodies, their colors, their shapes, their sizes, and especially their minds, will help the world become a better place to live in.

These original pieces come in a limited edition, having only one from each, which makes it even more valuable and precious to have an empowerment attached on your walls, which will remind you of your strength both in body and mind. Not only will you be able to empower yourself to the appreciation of women, but every single person who will have a second-lasting look will feel encouraged to do the same.

Nevertheless, today's society makes it easier for more people to see the art and reach to it, even though only 11 pieces will be touched and truly experienced with all their energy they bring with them. Be the one to empower, be the one to celebrate, be the one to appreciate the existence of women, today!

The Mysterious Collection

The Sensuality Collection

The 11/33/88 Collection

Skin Nudity

Hidden Figure

Immediate Empowerment