Selena Sashina Art

Selena Sashina Art

Hello, my name is Elena. Selena Sashina - My creative nickname under which I create my works of art. Today my works are in private collections in the USA, France, Belgium and Ukraine.
I work in unique author's techniques of painting, using materials such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, canvas.
I really love various experiments with the method of applying paints to the canvas, so I use both a palette knife and brushes, and my own fingers, if it is appropriate in a particular work. Also, I experiment with methods of applying acrylic fill on the canvas and get interesting unusual results of work - the spontaneous manifestation of images on the canvas after the paints dry. I define this type of painting for myself as "existential impressionism", and I really love this method.
Using unique color palettes, I create fresh original works that fill any living space with positive energy, comfort and love.

Inspired by the Universe itself