Seller FAQ

How much does it cost to sell my art on ArtPal?
ArtPal is free. There are no membership fees and no commission.

How much do I earn when my art sells on ArtPal?
If you are using Print-on-Demand to sell your art, you set your own profits (which is added to the base printing cost) and you receive 100% of those profits. If you are selling and shipping your own art, there is no commission and ArtPal sends 100% of the funds directly to you.

Can I sell my art elsewhere?
Yes. You retain all rights to your art.

Besides Print-on-Demand, can I sell my original art on ArtPal, or my own art that I ship myself?
Yes. In fact, ArtPal is the only online art gallery that allows buyers to purchase original art the same as Print-on-Demand items, all in the same purchase. Whether you're selling original art, or Print-on-Demand items, you can sell it on ArtPal and buyers purchase it exactly the same way, through the same checkout.

To use Print-on-Demand, what sort of images do I need to upload?

Print-on-Demand requires that the images you upload must be suitable for professional printing as-is, which means:

  • A high-quality image is extremely important. The image you upload is exactly what will be printed.
  • The image must not show a watermark or other details that should not be printed. In regards to no watermarks, your image will already be protected by ArtPalWatermarks are not necessary because your uploaded images are always kept secure.

    Low-resolution versions are automatically created by ArtPal for public display and given several additional levels of protection, such as disabling right-clicking.

    Your original high-resolution images are not made available to the public.

    With these safeguards in place, always upload your highest-resolution images with no watermarks so you can use Print-on-Demand and other features, and also so buyer's can view your art without the distraction of a watermark.
    , so no watermarks are necessary.
  • Images must be high-resolution, at least 1200 pixels in width or height, preferably higher, such as 3600 pixels in width or height. The higher the resolution, the more print sizes will be available, so upload your largest image. Never resize your images larger, as that will cause them to print blurry.
  • RGB color is required. Using CMYK or any other color mode will cause issues with color display and reproduction.
  • If you ever edit your images on your computer, always save your images at maximum quality (no compression). Otherwise, the image quality will degrade, causing the image to print blurry and pixelated.
  • Acceptable image formats include jpg, gif, bmp, tif, png. Jpg format is recommended.
  • Don't simply take a photo of your art. That is not suitable for creating professional prints. Get your art professionally scanned or photographed for creating prints. (If needed, contact a print shop in your area to ask who can photograph or scan your art for making prints.)
  • Make sure that your image is cropped tightly, so that absolutely no background or anything else is showing around the edges. Especially do not submit images that show frames, borders, etc.
  • Before uploading, view your images at full size to ensure that they are not blurry or pixelated. Also ensure that the colors are vibrant and closely match the art.
  • You must be the copyright owner or have the proper permissions for any images you upload. (If you created the art then you are the copyright owner by default.)

How do I set prices for my Print-on-Demand items?
As soon as you activate Print-on-Demand for any of your items, you'll see an "Edit Profits" button that allows you to set your profits.

Am I notified when my Print-on-Demand items sell?
Yes, you can view all your orders by clicking "My Orders" at the top of any page.

Where can I view my Print-on-Demand earnings?
You can view your Print-on-Demand earnings by clicking "My Orders" at the top of any page.

When am I paid?
If you are selling and shipping your own art, you are paid immediately by the buyer. If you are selling Print-on-Demand items, you are paid for those items on the 15th of every month, after the 30-day return period has expired.

How am I paid?
ArtPal transfers your funds directly into your PayPal account.

How do I cancel my gallery, if I ever need to?
You can cancel anytime by going to the Cancel page.