Antoni Goniewicz - 3 paintings (Self-Help Action)

Antoni Goniewicz - 3 paintings (Self-Help Action)

Do you know the Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish? And about his greedy, ruthless wife who, driven by her selfish whims, destroys everything he has done for her? You know it and you think it’s only a fairy tale? Oh no! It’s a real life story, and I myself am the very proof of its truthfulness. Not only myself. There are many like me. The feminists constantly try to convince everyone that it is men who do every harm to women, but they contentedly ignore contradictory cases of men being tormented by female vipers, who slowly kill their partners with their venom. Men are not protected by any Istanbul Convention or any similar sort of regulation. They suffer in silence because in this world apparently only violence against women matters.

This offer is a self-help action. It’s an attempt to pull myself out of the swamp by pulling my hair. It is an act of despair, because I am forced to get rid of what should not be sold since the items are priceless family heirlooms. In my naivety and extreme stupidity (I admit) I sold my own apartment, in which I lived with my mother, so that I could buy a new big one for my wife and children.

Unfortunately my wife turned out to be the most poisonous viper that made my life into hell. Now I have nowhere to go back and my mother, who sacrificed herself for me and for my wife, was left without a home of her own. The only solution now is to sell the rest of what is left and find a new apartment.
I don't just sell paintings or jewelry here, I'm selling memories that cannot be converted into money. I sell my own desperation, whereas you, if you buy something from me, you’re selling me and my mother hope and chance for a better future. You don’t just acquire one more material item, but you do a good deed by pulling two people out of a well into which they were pushed by a mean witch (replacing b for w won’t be inaccurate).

The paintings were painted shortly before the author’s, i.e. my grandfather’s, death in 1970. His story is fascinating in itself. Polish legionnaire, glider pilot, one of the first Harley Davidson owners in Poland, a passionate painter who survived the war trading in various goods which he also was using for his creative work. Hence, two paintings were painted on an original German war canvas intended for the Auschwitz camp. One canvas has the imprint Eigentum: IG Farben, below the inscription Auschwitz Bahnstation. It is unique on a global scale.

The condition of the paintings is visible in the photos. The come as they are. They need refreshment and probably sort of renovation. Pickup in person only in Cracow Poland. Shipping to any place.

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